Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition (on-premises) - Installation PART 1

Hi Guys

As you know, Microsoft released D365FO Local Business Data, aka On-Premise release.
Here the link Set up and deploy on-premises environments

I played around and I found the first issues.

During the creation of the group managed service accounts (gMSAs) through the Powershell scripts, "Create gMSAs" section, you can raise the follow error: "Key not found"

In this case you have to create a "KDS root key" using the following commands:

1- Add-KDSRootKey –EffectiveImmediately
2- Add-KdsRootKey –EffectiveTime ((get-date).addhours(-10));

During the ClusterConfig.json file generation, you can raise the following error, “Failed to Download Cluster Configuration Template”, see below error.

In this case you have to download the Service Fabric standalone installation package and copy the "ClusterConfig.X509.MultiMachine.json" file into the LCS InfrastructureScripts folder.
Again run the .\New-SFClusterConfig.ps1 -InputXml .\ConfigTemplate.xml command.

Finally, I test the ClusterConfig file through the command .\TestConfiguration.ps1 -ClusterConfigFilePath .\clusterConfig.json

Next step is Deploy the Cluster!

Till soon!


emiliano incalza said...

Hi Denis,
I'm trying to installa Dun365Fin&Op On Premise.
during the creation gMSAs stage, the genarated powershell script return followig error:

New-ADServiceAccount -name svcLocalAgent$ -DnsHostName svcLocalAgent.d365fo.onprem.dyn365dc.local -ServicePrincipalNames http/svcLocalAgent.d365fo.onprem.dyn365dc.local -PrincipalsAllowedToRetrieveManagedPassword orch1$,orch2$,orch3$

'PrincipalsAllowedToRetrieveManagedPassword'. Motivo: 'Impossibile trovare un oggetto con identità: 'orch1$' in 'DC=DYN365DC,DC=local'.'.

Have you any ideas?
other question is: the ServiceFabric must already be present, before the creation gMSAs stage?


Denis Macchinetti said...

Hi Emiliano

Check if the Orchestrator Servers are connected to a Domain Controller 2016 and if exists through the Active Directory Users & Computers, in your case dyn365dc.

Lastly, you have to create the gMSAs accounts before the AppFabric installation.

emiliano incalza said...

Thanks Denis.
I'm trying AllInOneServer Installation...
I did not see then VM list name in Get-NewGMSAInDomainScript.ps1 file.

we change the VM name and now the error is the same of your post "key is not found"

Now we try to apply your suggest.


Ford Wilkinson said...

Thanks for the json download fix. I am now running into another issue. It is saying "ConvertFrom-Json : Invalid JSON primitive: ." I have tried using the stock configuration.xml (along with my edited one) and am getting the same thing. Any thoughts

Ford Wilkinson said...

I didn't use the right .json template..

Denis Macchinetti said...

Glad to know.